New attractions! (And a way to switch levels)

Today, I’ve added a new mechanic: Special boxes resembling the player color. They attract the attention of the evil monsters. By repositioning the crates, one can make monsters stay in a certain area. (I also have some more little monster mechanics in mind!) In the background this was connected to little changes of how the levels can be represented internally.

Moreover, I’ve implemented a level switcher. So, it now is possible to replay (or just restart) levels. I’m particularly proud of the minimap previews. (The UI is not rendered in Three.js but using the browser. I was afraid that creating one additional HTML canvas per level in the overview would be problematic. Thus the minimaps are Base64 encoded images fed to <img> tags.)

At the moment the level switching means that the score mechanics are broken: one can repeatedly collect points from the same level. I want to address this next and also to start saving level highscores / progress in the browser.

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Version 0.1.3 Jun 04, 2022

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