Help little Clave trap the monsters with boxes. You win a level by creating an area safe from monsters. The bigger the area, the more points you receive.

You move using the arrow keys (or swiping for touch). Boxes are picked up and placed with space (or tapping for touch).


  • 50+ puzzle levels with multiple solutions, and two levels of difficulty—highly replayable!
  • Interact with monsters of different types, crates, walls, trigger-activated gates, bait boxes, and freezers!
  • Cute 3d cartoon optics and sound track; comparably kid-friendly.
  • Playable in your browser / on your phone; accepts keyboard, game pad and touch input.


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I really like this game. Very familiar sense of boxing in the enemy with a different sense of energy since the monsters don't kill. Thanks!

In the very first versions, touching any monster was lethal to the player. Obviously, this made the game insanely hard. Since then, I drastically reduced the ways in which monsters may beat you. Now, it’s not as intuitive anymore why you need to trap the monsters, but the game play has become way more relaxed.


It took me some time to understand the behaviour of the monsters, but once I started to understand, it became a fun and interesting puzzle game. I got stuck at level "Hostage", not sure how to get to those red friends inside the box.

I think adding an arrow to show where the monsters are going will help new players learn about their behaviour easier


Ah, yeah, that reminds me that I meant to place “Hostages” later in the game as it’s a little tricky. Will do that in the next version!

I’ll not exactly reveal the solution but … there’s mechanics about closed gates (aside from standing on buttons yourself) that have been introduced earlier and that are responsible for the gate being closed in this level ;).

I’m really happy to hear that you enjoyed the game! :)


What a lovely little puzzle game! <3