Finish ... where it started!

Back in 2016, I started developing the Scala.js program “Clave,” while visiting friends in Portland. Although, I’m writing these lines in Berlin, I intend to finish the game “in Portland,” in a way: I’m submitting Clave as a part of Portland Indie Game Squad’s “Finish Your Game Jam 2022”! :) (It’s a really lovely community!)

The most important thing to add for the first release of Clave will be sound effects; maybe music. And a great thing happened: I got to know Ace Luke, and she’ll provide sound effects for Clave!

In the next weeks, I plan to add some more monster transformation mechanics. After all, “Transition, Transformation” is the topic of the jam! (Moreover, there are some style and user experience details I want to look into. And, on the technical side, I spent the first evening upgrading the source code to the most current versions of Scala.js/Scala/Three.js.)


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