The Yeti turn

Originally, this game was not about yetis but about kids having a snow fight. So what’s up with the yetis?`

When we started the 2012 version of the game, we intended to have the yetis as a kind of mount (like a tank if you will).

I still had a yeti model flying around that I originally had crafted for a fan project (that never came to be). For the first one-week prototype, we lacked time to come up with new models. So, we just used the old yeti model for the players. And quickly we found it to be most fun with yeti players and just kept it this way.

By the way: The planned mechanic for the canceled Nichtlustig fan project would have seen the yetis compete in something similar to Tron races on a frozen lake—but with the twist that instead of barriers behind racers, yeti pee would have divided the ice sheet and players would lose if they stand on too small, sinking ice floes. This had been inspired by a fan video about yetis peeing.

I however never found out how to make this work mechanics-wise, let alone with a good AI. Still, it remains in the back of my head to maybe add a special combat mode on a frozen lake in Yeti Tournament one day.

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